Do roosters lay eggs? The truth about cock eggs!

I’ll be honest, I was initially skeptical about writing this article. 

The thought of roosters laying eggs seemed ridiculous to me. 

But then it has been an old wive’s tale for years that women can’t lay eggs either.

What are the facts? What are the myths? And how can we all benefit from roosting chickens laying eggs? 

Do roosters lay eggs? Join me for an exploration of these questions–and more!–as we delve deeper into the world of chicken reproduction.

Do roosters lay eggs?

Some people have been wondering, do roosters lay eggs? 

The answer is NO. Roosters are male and cannot lay eggs. This is because, unlike hens, they do not have the right parts to make the egg. 

The rooster’s reproductive tract is made up of the same organs as a hen; it just works differently.

There was an old myth that had been floating around for years that said roosters lay eggs. 

Country folks told stories about such things happening, but most of us didn’t really believe it could happen unless we were just being gullible.

But my rooster laid an egg!

I’ve once read a forum post where someone was ecstatic to announce that their rooster had laid an egg. 

The legendary cock egg! 

He even posted a photo showing a very small, white egg the size of a marble.

One person mentioned that he saw a nature show where a rooster laid an egg for fun. 

He never saw it again and assumed that he had died shortly after his moment in the spotlight.

Finally, a chicken expert explained an egg-laying rooster is a myth.

Upon further discussion, it was found out that there were also hens in the coop apart from the rooster.

And based on the picture, the small egg looks like a fart egg.

Fart eggs or fairy eggs

What the H is a fart egg and how is it connected to roosters?

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Photo from Ohio State University

Fart eggs are also called fairy eggs, diminutive eggs, cock eggs, wind eggs, witch eggs, dwarf eggs.

For a long time, it has been believed that it was a rooster who had laid the egg.

This is because it was believed that a rooster could lay an egg without help from a hen.

According to Ohio State University, fart eggs are small because typically they don’t have a yolk. 

Although in some instances they do contain a yolk.

What causes fart eggs?

This can happen if the albumen (egg white) begins forming before the yolk is released.

Then the egg continues to develop the membrane and shell.

In most cases, these weird eggs are likely produced by immature hens.

This is because their reproductive system is still developing.

Young hens can also be more sensitive to stress.

It could be noise or sudden changes in the environment.

Whatever the reason for this tiny, yolkless egg, it was a fun experience of discovery if you ever saw one on your backyard farm.

Do female roosters lay eggs?

I’ve encountered this question a lot, too. First of all, there’s no such thing as a “female” “rooster”! 

Roosters are male hens are female.

So how do people come to believe a rooster has laid an egg? 

There’s a huge possibility that it was actually a hen who laid the egg. 

It’s just that there happened to be a rooster in the area. 

This is because, unlike hens, roosters don’t spend much time with their flock members.

When both roosters and hens are present in the same coop, eggs will get mixed up and we may not know which chicken laid them!

But I have a female rooster!

One of the first questions people will ask when it comes to chickens is:

“Is that a hen or rooster?” 

Or as some people put it: “Is that a chicken or a rooster?”

I have a rooster, but it’s not laying eggs.

People who say they have female roosters usually don’t mean what they think they mean. 

They’re either comparing the bird to others of its own breed or sex or maybe they just don’t know enough about chickens to tell which is which.

Usually both!

So why do people still use these terms?

Because we’re all adults here and I can give you whatever toy you want!

But in all seriousness, I hear this question every so often.

Let’s set the record straight for those who are confused with these basic terms:

A rooster is a male chicken.

A hen is a female chicken.

A cockerel is a young rooster who is less than one year of age.

A pullet is a young hen who is less than one year of age.

Hopefully, this post has helped shed some light on the subject! 

Hopefully, no one will ever google “do roosters lay eggs?”


Do roosters lay eggs? No. 

They can’t because they don’t have what it takes to do so (i.e., reproductive organs). 

But it might look like they’re laying an egg when really it was a hen.

More often than not, it’s actually eggs from a hen that are mistaken for eggs laid by roosters.

So the next time someone says their rooster has laid an egg, ask to see it!

If it is indeed the size of a marble or smaller, there’s a big possibility he did lay one–the only question is who laid the egg?

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